Zone Of The Enders HD Collection Box Art

Konami just revealed the box art of their HD remake of Zone of the Enders. A Metal Gear Rising demo will be included in both PS3 and Xbox 360! It will be released 30th of November
Zone of the Enders HD Collection

Disney buys Lucasfilms!!

Yes you read it right. Disney bought Lucasfilm, and they are going to make Star Wars episode 7 which will come out 2015. Lucasarts was also included in the contract for making games together. Just awesome!!!!

Dead Island Riptide Box Art

Techland and Deep Silver just showed us their box art of Dead Island Riptide. Now you know what to look for in the store!

Cliff Bleszinski wants to make another Resident Evil 6

Epic ex Gears of War director Cliffy B wants to make the next Resident Evil game with Capcom, this is his twitter mail to Capcom: "Hey, Capcom. We can fix Resident Evil. Together. :-)"
You may remember that Cliffy did actually plan to make a horror game, which didn´t come.

Shadowgate Kickstarter Project

You may remember the game Shadowgate from the 80s. Well, Zojoi is going to make a remake of the original. They need money to even progress with the project. Visit this link to go to Kickstarter and donate.
Only 27 days left!

Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn - Part 4

Here is the fourth part of the Halo 4 Live Action Series.

Hitman Absolution Launch Trailer

How many lives will it take to save one?

Windows 8 Is Here

Windows 8 is here and you can download it for 39.99 dollars or 24.99 pounds. It will work for both touch screen computer and normal computer. It will be pre installed in new computers. If you bought a new computer with Windows 7, windows 8 will be cheaper. You must either have windows vista or windows 7 in order to download it.

Metal Gear Rising Gameplay

Metal Gear Rising Special Edition Announced

Konami will release a special edition of Metal Gear Rising for Xbox 360 and PS3. Right now it is only for Japan but hopefully it will come to the west.

Persona 4 Golden Full Trailer

Atlus just released a new trailer of Persona 4 Golden for the PSVita. This game takes full advantage of the PSVita OLED screen with remastered graphics, and more expanded and enhanced story and world!

Assassins Creed III Launch Trailer

Ubisoft just released a launch trailer of Assassins Creed III. Just watch it! :)

Assassins Creed 3 Desmond Miles Trailer

Here is the new trailer of Assassins Creed 3.

Tomb Raider Box Art

Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics just showed us the box art of Tomb Raider for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC
Här kommer Tomb Raiders box artHär kommer Tomb Raiders box art

Apple Keynote October 2012

If missed the keynote Click here!. You will then go to apple website and watch the keynote!

Apple Keynote October 2012

I hope you know that today is the iPad mini press conference. You can look at the invitation card, you can see that it says " We´ve got a little more to show you". Something to do with iPad mini? They may also show us an update of iMac. We can only find liveblogs and not livestreams. So just search apple event october 2012 liveblog.

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus Trailer

I mentioned before that Arc System Works will release Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus for both Xbox 360 and PS3. Now they released a trailer. There will be online mode and lots of other modes, Kliff and Justice will be playable, but there will be less roster than Guilty Gear X-2 which is a small thumbs down. (Who cares?)

Bioshock Infinite Trailer

Nearly thought that the game was cancelled. Here is the trailer.

Sonic Jump!

Have you downloaded the all brand new Sonic Jump for iPhone and iPad? Well do it right now because it amazing and much much better than doodle jump!

Model 2 Collection Trailer

Sega is going to release a new collection of their games. It is going to include: Virtua Fighter 2, Sonic The Fighters and Fighting Vipers. Its coming this fall for XBLA and PSN!

Blazeblue Chrono Phantasma New Trailer

Arc System Works released a new trailer of their new fighting game title Blazeblue Chrono Phantasma!

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Story Trailer!

Here is a new trailer of the new Naruto game!

Xbox 360 New Dashboard Download

You may have tried the beta version of the Xbox 360 New Dashboard. Now, the full version of the dashboard is out and you can get it. You connect to Internet and then a window will pop up and it will say if you want to update your Xbox or not. There are improvements like more languages, Internet Explorer and more!

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus News!!

You may already know that Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus will come out for Xbox 360 and PS3. Well, for Xbox 360 users you can get it on 26 of October. We still don´t know when it´s coming for PS3 so if you know something post a comment.

Guilty Gear Accent Core Plus Arcade Screenshot 6

DmC demo!!

There will be a Devil May Cry demo in this year but there is no date for it. Alex Jones said in an interview with Joystick that Vergil will be playable but not on disc. He also said that we will know more about Dante and Vergil in this game. The console version of the demo will be played at 30 fps and in the PC version it will be 60 fps.

Playstation All-Stars Beta Tomorrow

Yes, the beta of Playstation All-Stars will be playable tomorrow, but only for those who have a playstation plus account. Here are some functions:
You'll be able to play as Kratos, Sweet Tooth, Colonel Radec, Sly Cooper, PaRappa and Fat Princess.
You'll be able to play in both the Metropolis and Hades stages.
 You'll be able to try out four-player online tournaments and 2 vs 2 online tournaments. For the 2 vs 2 games we'll be supporting friend invites, so you and a friend can fight another team online.

Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn - Part 2

Here is part 2 of the Live Action Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn.

ZombiU Tower Bridge Trailer

Ubisoft released a new ZombiU trailer. Watch it now!!!!!

Assassins Creed 3 Weapons Trailer


New Darkstalkers Game Announced

We already know that Darkstalkers Resurrection was announced. Well, Capcom decided to announce another NEW Darkstalker game. Here we can see Lord Raptor and Demitri.

Darkstalkers Resurrection Announcement

At NYCC, Yoshinori Ono announced Darkstalkers Resurrection it is actually Darstalkers 2 and 3 with some extreme updates. It will cost 1600 MP and 14,99 dollars for PSN.

Injustice Gods Among Us Green Lantern And The Joker

Here is the pic of Green Lantern and The Joker.
Injustice: Gods Among Us screen shots and artwork for Green Arrow #4
Thanks Eventhubs

PSN Menu Update Pics

Sony is going to update the navigation and the look of the PSN store. Looks nice. You can update it 17th of October

Injustice Gods Among Us News!

Green Lantern and The Joker was revealed today by Ed Boon and they also revealed the boxart of the game.

Persona 4 Golden New Features Trailer

Watch the new trailer of Persona 4 Golden. The trailer says everything!

Injustice Gods Among Us Green Arrow Reveal Trailer

Netherrealm released a trailer of Injustice. Just watch it!

Mysterious Pic From Ubisoft

Ubisoft posted a pic on facebook and said: We're getting ready to make a big announcement... Click ‘LIKE' (and share, if you'd be so kind) to reveal more of the image! 

Resident Evil For PSVita

Do you want a Resident Evil game for the PSVita? Capcom are trying to get in as many names as possible to make the next Resident Evil game. Here is the link!

Shin Megami Tensei 4 Trailer

Atlus Jap just released their new trailer of Shin Megami Tensei 4 for 3DS. Watch it NOW!

Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn Part 1 (Live Action Series)

Here is the first episode of the Halo 4 live action series. Watch it if you are a Halo fan.

Nintendo 3DS XL Circle Pad Pro

Nintendo is going to release the Circle pad pro for Nintendo 3DS XL, which was released for the original 3DS earlier this year. It is going to cost around 1500 yen and release 15th of November in Japan. Nintendo didnt want to bulid in the second analog because the battery time could be shorter.

Assassins Creed 3 Story Trailer

Ubisoft just posted a new trailer of Assassins Creed 3.

Silent Hill Book Of Memories Boxart

Will be released 2nd of November 2012!

  Silent Hill: Book of Memories

Tomb Raider The Final Hours #2 - Origins of a Story

Here is the second part of the documentary!

Tomb Raider The Final Hours 1: An Icon Reborn

Here we have a documentary of the game. They are going to talk about the actors of Tomb Raider and how they are filming. Take a look:

Yakuza 5 PS3 Super Slim Edition

Yakuza is on its way, and SEGA wants to give us a bundle. Awsome its a 500 GB PS3.

Muramasa The Demon Blade For PSVita

Vanillaware just announced that the epica game Muramasa The Demon Blade will come for PSVita. It was first released for Wii in the year 2009. No release date has been announced.

PS3 and PSVita Bundle Is On Its Way?

Fergal Gara just told for CVG that a PS3 and Vita bundle could come before christmas! They may release more games that could use the "Cross Controller" function of the Vita!
If you didnt know, Sony wants to use the Vita like the Wii U controller. Look at the demo of Little Big Planet 2.

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