Street fighter X Tekken DLC characters

Today Capcom released the 12 DLC characters for Street fighter X Tekken: Lei, Christe, Lars, Alisa, Cody, Guy, Dudley, Elena, Jack X, Bryan, Sakura and Blanka. They cost 1600 MP/ 19,99 USD.
MegaMan and Pac-Man are not available for Xbox-360.

Kingdom hearts 3D (DDD)

One thing you have to know about me is that I LOVE the Kingdom Hearts games. I have played the games since the first game and its still good, in fact its getting better and better. Tetsuya Nomura said that Kingdom Hearts 3 will come after this. The ending of Kingdom Hearts 3D (DDD) will give you a hint for the third game. 

Shaolin Soccer

Just watched Shaolin Soccer and its still good since 2001. The best soccer movie ever and will always be.

MegaMan II

I have beaten many NES titles like Little Samson, Duck Tales and MegaMan II.
MegaMan II is one of the hardest NES games ever (In my opinion). I used Turbo fire because mashing the button is not my style. The last boss was really hard, I died alot until I used something called Internet. You where supposed  to use Bubble Man´s bubble to kill him. Thanks to my turbo, he died pretty fast. This game was really fun. Must buy for gamerz that like challenging platform shoot em up.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII not cancelled!

Yes, Yoichi Wada himself said that just a moment ago a "Versus meeting" ended and that the rumors where fake. We hope that the Square Enix event (1st September) will give us some answers!

Track of the day !

Rayman Origins

Just played Rayman Origins with my sister and we really liked it,

Here is a Pic-Unboxing:

Square Enix 25th anniversary

Square Enix is going to have a "conference" about their games. I think that Final Fantasy versus XIII is renamed to Final Fantasy XV.

Track of the day

I did not post a track yesterday so here is a good one :)

(Not Ayumi hamasaki on the pic, its Namie Amuro)

Final Fantasy Versus XIII cancelled?

You have probably heard the rumors that the high expected Final Fantasy Versus XIII has been cancelled.
Instead, we have been told that Square Enix is going to develop Final Fantasy XV. It´s been six years since the teaser trailer was released. Well, it´s a rumor so I hope its not true. 

Final Fantasy XV trailer :)

Track of the day! :)

Caaaan't waiiiitttt

I'm sitting here on my chair waiting for the delivery man to come because I ordered Rayman Origins 2 days ago. Can't wait!! I hope i can write a review about it :)    

Classic 80's casio watch - Nostalgia

Remember the classic 80' casio watch? My parents bought me one from a mail order catalog and had it for a long period. I love its durability and preciseness. Still have two of these casio watches and one with a calculator as well.

Resident evil 6 Comic con 2012 trailer

Really looking forward to this game. Great looking game with Leon story mode, Jake story mode, Chris story mode and Ada story. What more do you want?  Latest trailer.


My name is Omar and i am the new owner of this blog. I play games and i know alot of things about them. I hope that i can continue blog about things :)

Top 5 game intro

I want to share some game intros that I really like. Here are my top 5 intros:

Number 5: MegaMan X5 has one of the best intros ever. Also the game is a must have.

Number 4:Persona 4 is the best Persona game in the series. I must give Atlus credits for this game. Every action you make in the game will effect the story.

Number 3: Chrono Cross is of course on the list. The track is great and the CG!

Number 2: One thing you have to know about me is that i love anime intros in games. Valkyre Profile is one of them. 

NUMBER 1: Hands down this is the best intro ever created. The song and the CG are Phenomenal. 

<Note: i dont own any of this intros>

MegaMan X5 intro theme

The best MegaMan (X series) intro ever!

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