Metal Gear Rising Stealth Gameplay Trailer

Konami just recently released a new gameplay trailer for Metal Gear Rising, which shows us some of the stealth mechanics the game has. And yes, the game has stealth in it.

Injustice Gods Among Us Story Trailer

Netherrealm just released a new trailer of Injustice Gods Among Us, which shows us the story and what we are going to expect. Looks better and better.

Street Fighter x Tekken Ver. 2013 Now!

You can right now for free download the new update for Street Fighter x Tekken, called ver 2013. It is highly recommended to update the game! The trailer below just shows us some of the updates.

Metal Gear Rising HF Blade Trailer

Konami just recently released a new trailer of Metal Gear Rising, which showcases some of the blades that you can use during this high tech adventure. The game comes out 19th of February, and each game will come with a code that you can download a costume for Raiden.

MegaMan- Did You Know Gaming

You may have seen this video, but its awesome. Every Megaman fan must watch this video!!

Injustice Gods Among Us Lex Luthor Reveal Trailer

NetherRealm just released a new trailer of Injustice Gods Among Us, which is a cinematic trailer. The trailer also shows Lex Luthor which was rumored to be in the game.

The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker HD for Wii U

Yesterday, Nintendo had a Nintendo Direct and they announced alot of things. One of them was The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker. They are going to re-release it for the Wii U with an stunning HD graphics.


Platinum Games buys Darksiders?

Platinum games may lay a bid on Darksiders, because THQ is now canned. They are saying that they would like to bid on the game if it would be more cheaper. Would be awesome if they would buy em!!

Resident Evil Revelations For Xbox 360/PS3/Wii U/PC

Its like a dream come true, Capcom is going to release Resident Evil Revelations for the home consoles. The game was originally released for the 3DS, but Capcom decided that they would release this game for the home consoles. Watch the trailer here.

Metal Gear Rising Demo!!

You can right now download the demo of Metal Gear Rising, You could actually download the earlier, but you had to buy the awesome Zone of the Enders Collection!

Street Fighter X Megaman V2 Boss

You may already know that Street Fighter X Megaman just recived a patch called Version 2. In the version 2, you can now save your game with a code just like the previous megaman games. M.Bison have been pumped up and is not weak like before. Some bug fixes, and there is a new challenger. I wont spoil anything, just watch the video how to fight him.

God of War Ascension Singel player Teaser Trailer

Sony just released a new God of War Ascension trailer which shows us some gameplay. Watch it nooow


Metal Gear Rising Boss Battle Gameplay

Konami released a new gameplay trailer of Metal Gear Rising, that shows us some boss battle gameplay. Worth to watch! By the way, Metal Gear Rising demo will come out next week!

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII

Square Enix had a conference in Paris today, and they showed a new trailer of their new upcoming game Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII!
The release date is Autumn 2013

Final Fantasy All The Bravest Announced

Square Enix teased a site for their new upcoming game. Right now Square Enix just announced a new Final Fantasy game called All The Bravest, which you can download right now for iPhone and iPad.

Megaman Xbox Avatar Costume

We all know right now that Megaman is 25 years old, so Capcom decided that they would release a Megaman Avatar Costume which looks awesome. Download it nooow!

Injustice Gods Among Us Limited Edition Revealed

Netherrealm just revealed a limited edition for their upcoming game Injustice Gods Among Us.
The box will include:
s', sans-serif; font-size: 11px; line-height: 14px;">
Unique Steelbook Packaging

 An Injustice Comic Book

 Three exclusive skins based on Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman from DC COMICS - THE NEW 52

 Exclusive 23cm Injustice: Gods Among Us Collectible statue featuring iconic characters Batman and Wonder Woman
Release date is 19th of April 2013

Metal Gear Rising Jack The Ripper Gameplay Trailer

Konami just released a new gameplay trailer of Metal Gear Rising, which is called Jack the Ripper. The game comes out in February 21 in US and February 22 in EU. There will be a Demo coming out in     February!


Playstation Network Gets Patched!

You can right now download a patch for Playstation Network which will make the browsing smoother and download speed much faster

Metal Gear Rising Costume Trailer

Konami just released a new trailer of Metal Gear Rising, which shows us some costumes that you can get when you buy this awesomeness!

Cyberounk 2077 Teaser Trailer

CD Projekt just released a teaser trailer of a new title called Cyberpunk 2077. CD Projekt is known for their open world game The Witcher. No platforms are announced, but I think that this game is for the next generation!

Sly Cooper 4 Trailer

Sony just posted a new trailer of Sly Cooper 4 which will come out this spring.

Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor Edge Wii U Trailer

Team Ninja just released a new trailer of the upcoming Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor Edge for the Wii U. This game is a updated version of the original Ninja Gaiden 3!

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y Debut Trailer

Nintendo had a Pokemon Direct online conference today, and they showed us a brand new pokemon title called Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. They didnt tell us alot about the game, but they told us that the release date will be in october 2013.

New Pokemon Announcement Tomorrow

Nintendo is going to unveil a new Pokemon game tomorrow, through a Pokemon Direct conference. You can watch the conference here, at 11.00 am (UK Time)

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Opening Cinematic Trailer

Square Enix have released a new Final Fantasy XIV trailer for us. It is a 8 minute trailer which is of course worth to watch. You can also play the beta version of the game right now, but you need a Final Fantasy XIII (PS3) copy inorder to play the beta. Simply visit this website and read the instructions.

Gears of War Judgment Box Art

Microsoft just posted up a box art picture of Gears of War Judgment, which is a prequel to the original game. Made by People can fly and Epic Games!

Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3 New Trailer 2013

Namco BandaiEU just posted a new video trailer of the upcoming Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3. The trailer shows us some jinchuuriki gameplay and more. If you like Naruto, this game is a must buy! If you buy one of the first copies of the game, you will then receive a Dragon Ball Z Goku costume for Naruto. So It is recommended to pre order it right now if you want the costume!!! Developed by CyberConnect2

DmC Devil May Cry CGI Trailer

Capcom just recently released a brand new CGI trailer of DmC Devil May Cry. Its actually worth to watch!


Metal Gear Rising Pre Order Bonus

If you pre order a Metal Gear Rising game, you can get a special costume for Raiden!

DmC Devil May Cry Exclusive Eurogamer Gameplay

Eurogame just posted a exclusive video of DmC, which shows us some mission 9 gameplay. If you look at Dantes hair, you can see that his hair is turning white!

Tokitowa On Its Way To The West!

The website Siliconera posted a picture which showed us that Bandai Namco filled a trademark for a game named Time and Eternity. Time and Eternity is translated from the title Tokitowa. The game came out last year in Japan for PS3 only. This game is very unique for its art style and gameplay!

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