Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Returns

Square just showed us some pictures on Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Returns. It will be released 2013.
The whole game takes place 100 years into the future in a place called Novus Partus. This place is only 13 days from the doomsday. The thing is, is that its important to not waste time. If you do Doomsday will come. You will have the ability to rewind or retry your actions. You will only play as Lightning, and of course the battle system is going to be changed. Her looks and combat style can be changed. Right now there is no trailer because it was public only. Click here to see Kitase talk about the game---And here to see pictures

Final Fantasy The Ultimate Box 25 Anniversary

Square Enix just announced their Ultimate Box which will include all 13 Final Fantasy games. But X-2 and XIII-2 will not be included and the VII will be international. Of course there will be extra goodies in it! It will be released 18th of December in Japan but there is not an US or Europe date. It smells PS3.
Price will be at 280 pounds.

Zombi U Box Art

Here is the Zombi U box art. The game will be released late this year.

Release Date For God Of War Ascension

Release date has been announced for the God Of War Ascension. 13th of Mars 2013. Yes there will be a Limited Edition for the game, with some goodies. Game soundtrack, avatars, themes, Kratos statue, Steel box and a DLC pass for future content. This is just awesome!

Metal Gear Solid Movie Announced

Konami just announced their new Metal Gear Solid movie at Metal Gear Solid 25 anniversary party.
It will be produced by Avi arad via Columbia Pic.
Hideo Kojima have been searching for a great movie maker and Avi Arad was his best choice. Visit Faimitsu here for pictures.

Metal Gear Solid Social Ops

Konami and Gree are going to release their new Metal gear solid game named Metal Gear Solid Social Ops. It is going to be played on a phone. It is like peace walker with its base building. And you will be playing with cards. It will be released later this year!

OST Of The Day!

This is just fabulous!

Darksiders 2 Wii U Box Art

THQ just showed us their Darksider 2 Wii U Box Art

Final Fantasy 25 Anniversary

Remember that 31st of August it is Final Fantasy 25 anniversary.ff25an.jpg

Metal Gear Solid 25 Anniversary

Konami just said that 30th of this month they are going to celebrate the Metal Gear Solid franchise.
This is what Chris Johns said in the Konami Podcast: "A lot of things to look forward to next week, not just for fans, but I think the industry's gonna be shook by what we're going to be able to present here."

Thank you Kotaku!


I think i'm going to make reviews about consoles and games!

Assassins Creed 3 PSVita Box Art

Really cool box art from Ubisoft!

Castlevania Dawn Of Sorrow!

Castlevania Dawn Of Sorrow to the DS is one of the best Castlevania/Metriodvania game ever!
Its the sequel to Castlevania Aria Of Sorrow (GBA).
Castlevania Dawn Of Sorrow has the greatest in my opinion music in the Castlevania franchise. Go now and pick it up for you DS or 3DS!

Final Fantasy II NES cartridge 50,000 dollars!!

An eBay seller posted a $50,000 offer for an original NES demo cartridge of Final Fantasy II. This is the English translated version of the game which was cancelled (demo) . The owner claims that this is the only final fantasy II English demo cart in the whole world. 
Here is the link!

Wolverine In Japan!

Cool an Wolverine movie which takes place in Japan! There is also an anime of Wolverine in Japan, check it out. It would be awsome if there is a japanese guy or girl which says Rogan!

 This is dub but check out the subbed version!

Splinter Cell Blacklist - Extended Walkthrough

DmC Devil May Cry Box Art

Capcom showed us the DmC box art at Gamescom. The game will be released 15/1-2013!
DMC Devil May Cry

Batman Arkham City Wii U Box Art

Batman Arkham City will be released for Wii U later this year and the box art looks amazing!
Batman: Arkham City

GAMESCOM 2012 - Metal Gear Rising Trailer

This is just an extended version of the E3 trailer

GAMESCOM 2012 - Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Trailer

Note that Jinpachi speaks chinese after his japanese! Angel looks pissed of

GAMESCOM 2012 - Remember Me Trailer

New game from Capcom and Dontnod!


GAMESCOM 2012 - DmC Devil May Cry Trailer

Gamescom 2012

On Wednesday and on Thursday the epic Gamescom will begin! Of course we will keep you updated!

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 All DLC For Free!

Harada just tweeted that every DLC will be for free!

and If you buy New copy,
Online pass are FREE for Console system, It works for MULTIPLE ACCOUNT = You don't need buy extra pass for your Brothers or Sisters or Parents. and all offline mode = No need pass.
It's NOT EXTRA CHARGE system for new copy of TTT2.

and I'll add more DLC Characters & Stages and On-line additional capability DLC / UPDATE, BUT It will be FREE.

If it is still dissatisfied for you, We need to quit development of a game.

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Final Fantasy XIII-2

Just beated Final Fantasy XIII-2 and man what a great game. At the ending you hear Leona Lewis song from her album Echo (I think). Buy the game now!!

DmC at Gamescon

Ninja Theory just tweeted that they have "Lots of exciting things" to show us at Gamescon. So stay tuned!

Wii U box art?

GoNintendo just showed us how the Wii U box art will look like. Thank you GoNintendo

Wii U details

Here are some details about the Wii U and it's controller:
1: There is a camera in front of the Wii U controller which can be used for video chat, pics and for in game features like ZombiU.

2: When Nintendo showed up the Wii U controller last year they called the sticks "sliders". They were identical to the 3ds stick, but they listend to the critics and changed the controllers to "clickable" controllers.

3. The Wii U controller has a 6.2 inch screen (854x480). It will give us quick access to menus, maps and mini games. The screen can also be used as a TV remote to control your TV and other stuff. The screen is not a multi touch screen.

4. When you are playing multi format games, a pro controller is recommended. It looks like a Xbox 360 controller with every functions that are standard today. It's still unclear if it will come with the Wii U or not.

5. There is a lot of advanced technology in the Wii U controller like a mic, a gyro and a accelerometer. It also supports NFC ( Near Field Communication) for reading devices that are compatible with the Wii U.

6. All your old Wii remotes are compatible with the Wii U, all from Wii remote to Wii fit board. You can only connect two Wii U game pads to the system, but you can also fill in with Wii remotes.

7. The Wii U game pad only lasts five hours. After that you have to wait for it to charge in 2,5 hours.    

Thank you gamereactor

Wii U specs

I will tomorrow publish a text about Wii U specs. So check back tomorrow! 

Persona 4 Arena Fastest Selling Game In Japan

Persona 4: Arena became the fastest selling fighting game in Japan in the last four years.
Someone posted a chart which showed that Persona 4 Arena sold over 120.000 copies over Japan.
Made by Atlus and Arc System Works

Thunder Force VI Track

The Thunder Force series is in my opinion the best shoot em up (flying) game ever. The music, the gameplay and graphics are phenomenal. Made by Technosoft and Published by SEGA
Here is the best OST in the game.


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