Top 5 game intro

I want to share some game intros that I really like. Here are my top 5 intros:

Number 5: MegaMan X5 has one of the best intros ever. Also the game is a must have.

Number 4:Persona 4 is the best Persona game in the series. I must give Atlus credits for this game. Every action you make in the game will effect the story.

Number 3: Chrono Cross is of course on the list. The track is great and the CG!

Number 2: One thing you have to know about me is that i love anime intros in games. Valkyre Profile is one of them. 

NUMBER 1: Hands down this is the best intro ever created. The song and the CG are Phenomenal. 

<Note: i dont own any of this intros>

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