Wii U details

Here are some details about the Wii U and it's controller:
1: There is a camera in front of the Wii U controller which can be used for video chat, pics and for in game features like ZombiU.

2: When Nintendo showed up the Wii U controller last year they called the sticks "sliders". They were identical to the 3ds stick, but they listend to the critics and changed the controllers to "clickable" controllers.

3. The Wii U controller has a 6.2 inch screen (854x480). It will give us quick access to menus, maps and mini games. The screen can also be used as a TV remote to control your TV and other stuff. The screen is not a multi touch screen.

4. When you are playing multi format games, a pro controller is recommended. It looks like a Xbox 360 controller with every functions that are standard today. It's still unclear if it will come with the Wii U or not.

5. There is a lot of advanced technology in the Wii U controller like a mic, a gyro and a accelerometer. It also supports NFC ( Near Field Communication) for reading devices that are compatible with the Wii U.

6. All your old Wii remotes are compatible with the Wii U, all from Wii remote to Wii fit board. You can only connect two Wii U game pads to the system, but you can also fill in with Wii remotes.

7. The Wii U game pad only lasts five hours. After that you have to wait for it to charge in 2,5 hours.    

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