Street Fighter X Megaman Tips "n" Tricks!

We all Megaman fans knows that every Megaman games have some hidden secrets and codes!
Well, today we are going to share with you some cheat codes and tips that may help you with this epic Street Fighter X Megaman journey.

1. Boss Weakness.
Every boss has a weakness in this game:
Ryu --> Chun-li
Chun-li ---> C.Viper
C.Viper ---> Dhalsim (Just spam the shoot button, the easiest boss)
Dhalsim ---> Blanka
Blanka ---> Rose
Rose ---> Roberto ( The balls that are flowing around Megaman, are actually the ones that are giving the most damage)
Roberto ---> Urien
Urien ---> Ryu (Just relfect his Hadoukens, especially his Ultra)
Ryu ---> Final Boss

2. Hadouken without Ryu, and Super Megaman
To become Super Megaman, and to shoot Hadouken without beating Ryu, you have to go to the title screen and press jump and shoot button until you hear some noice. Then after that, press start like normal. Go to a random stage and when you have control of the Bluebomber, do the Hadouken motion, you know, down and forward + shoot. you can also hold down the button to make the Hadouken stronger. To become Super Megaman, press the fire button and the swap button at the same time! This will make Megaman, faster, jump higher and shoot rapidly.

3. Guile Theme during the stages.
Did you miss the Guile theme song while playing the game? You can actually listen to the song in 8-bit. Pause the game and hold the jump button, then press Up, Down, Down and Down!

4. Megaman without helmet!
Go to the stage select screen, highlight Ryu and hold the shoot button, then press Right, Right, Right and Left. This does not make Megaman weaker, like in Megaman 9. If you want the helmet back, do the code again.

5. How to recover health during Boss Rush Mode.
To recover your lost health during the last stage, shoot the "Ying and Yang" balls that are flowing around the hands to restore your lost health.

6. How to battle Akuma!
You need to acquire at least 4 Perfects during the original Boss battles, and not during the Boss Rush Mode. It not easy and requiers some flashy skills. To easily get perfect, restore your health with an E-tank, and the game will think that you already had full health during the whole battle and that you didn´t restore any health. When the Final Boss is killed, Akuma will then teleport down with a Falcon Punch, and squash the Final Boss.

Thank you Maximillian!

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